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Tomorrow Matters
Act today for
a mindful tomorrow

OurEarth is our forever home let's
protect it well

Listen to the Earth: The Alarming Reality

The situation is alarming and if we don't act today we might fail to protect the only Home we have: Planet Earth.

91% Of the world’s population breathes polluted air every day.
27,000 Trees are chopped down each day to manufacture toilet papers.
2X Plastic waste is produced than it did 20 years ago worldwide.

Our Journey

Experience the House of Hiranandani Difference

Rehabilitation of Kavesar Lake in Hiranandani Estate, Thane
Protecting old wells in every development
Restoration of Natural Flora & Fauna
Environment friendly design practises to save electricity for our residents
Trees planted so far
Tonnes of compost is generated annually
Sq.m total area with Miyawaki forest
Students educated from Hiranandani Foundation School about environment

Our Goals

Taking our commitment towards the environment to the next level, introducing our sustainability initiative– TOMORROW MATTERS. An initiative through which we aim to create a better tomorrow for generations to come by aligning our sustainability goals for the next 5 years.

What you can do TODAY
For a Better TOMORROW

Pledges For Tomorrow

"Building sustainable and
healthy communities since generations"
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